For many adults diagnosed with major mental illness the issue of growth and recovery is severely limited by the inability to effectively modulate and manage emotions given any perceived “prompting event.” A prompting event is any internal or external stimuli that leads to emotion dysregulation (i.e.  phone calls, community integration, mail delivery, peer interactions, flashbacks, anniversaries, natural disasters, or deaths).


The inability to regulate emotions creates a life of hopelessness and builds a life with no meaning for the individual. This will often lead to disruption and very often the dissolution of meaningful relationships either natural or professional.  Additionally, this can lead to the perpetuation of the “revolving door phenomena” (the rapid and continual admission and discharge within an acute care facility) often seen within the mental health community.  


Often times if the individual had been able to identify the prompting event, recognize the trigger, experience and accept the emotion in the moment, and accept the natural outcome of the situation, they would have been able to successfully manage and regulate their emotions.


The goal of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Skills Group is most simply to assist an individual to create a validating environment in which the individual will manage any emotional dysregulation.   

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